starpowah: Commission Terms

Effective: Sun, 20 January 2019

General info:

(Please read through <3 )

  • If I accept your commission request, I will send you an invoice for your commission using Paypal. You must pay in full by the due date before I can begin work on your commission. Your commission is then added to my queue.

  • Estimated time for commission completion depends on my current queue or if I have a large project going on at the time. If there are any delays, I will notify you.

  • You will receive a sketch at first. This is your chance to make changes to get exactly what you want. Once the sketch is approved, the image goes onto color and shading. After this only minor changes (color or shading levels etc.) will be allowed.

  • Images / References are required to complete your commission!
    I do accept written descriptions of characters as reference!

About payment:

  • Commissions must be paid 100% upfront.
  • I only accept payment through PAYPAL.
  • Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless otherwise discussed.

I will begin the commission once the invoice I send you is paid and you're next in queue!

All sales are final once payment has been received.

Refunds policies

  • Please remember that all sales are final once payment has been received.
    I will refund you if I am unable to complete your commission for any reason. If you cancel during the sketch phase (the first or the 2nd delivery), you will be issued a 50% refund. But beyond this phase, no refunds will be issued.

All Rights Reserved.

  • Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use it in any way.
  • My artwork is copyright to me. You are not allowed to use my artwork by any means without my permission!
  • You must always credit me when reposting or using any of my art!
  • These commissions are not for resale or reproduction. They are for personal, non-commercial use only, unless stated otherwise before commissioning me.
  • Please specify if you would like your commission to remain private and un-posted.

And for the last part, If you want a redo of your commissioned art, then you will have to pay for a new one since i put a lot of time in my drawings.

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