Citizen 13
Uploaded 4 weeks ago
Artist: Phrog

Long ago, things were simple in comic books. Good guys wore spandex, they were clean-shaven and fought bearded men in more traditional militaristic clothing. Citizen Thirteen capitalizes on a healthy bleeding of the two ideas to create a modern patriot superhero. I took a bit of inspiration from the rise of superhero films to try and capture a somewhat realistic appearance where it was applicable.

That said, I'm a sucker for traditional superhero designs, so I tried to stick to a classic comic appeal as much as I could. I was pleasantly surprised by how some of the texture work came out, as it was a little experimental. I think I'm most proud of his beard. Given the references I had, I'm very pleased with the results and hope I can do some work with Citizen Thirteen's creator again one day soon!

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