The Dread Red
Uploaded 4 weeks ago
Artist: Phrog

The Dread Red had me trying a lot of new things. He inspires the idea of classic unstoppable villains, so I dug in hard to find references in older comics (and a few modern ones) to see how they might reference the big beefy boys (and make no mistake, he is a big beefy boy.) The armor and textures had me looking over classic illustrators like Jack Kirby to try and figure things out. Perspective and dynamic poses are often difficult things for me to get a read on due to my Aphantasia, and sometimes it requires a lot of redraws to get it just the way I want. Additionally, creating the abused textures on the armor came across as a little therapeutic!

In the end, I'm super happy with how the image came out and glad to have met The Dread Red's creator!

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