NicoYarou: Commission Terms

Effective: Tue, 15 January 2019

I have the right to turn down any commission I am not comfortable doing with out disclosing why.
Once the commission has been started refunds will be based off how much work I have already completed,
Payment is upfront in full unless stated other wise.
Any questions can be sent here, or dmed on my discord Nico Yarou#0786 or my twitter @nicoyarou
feel free to message me for updates when ever you want! I work 6 days a week from 7am-8pm, Wednesdays tend to be my primary art day, and sometimes Sunday nights if its a smaller commission.
Commissions can take anywhere from a few hours to 5 weeks depending on complexity.
on larger projects I send out wips after the sketch stage to be revised, and i send them after the flat color stage to be revised, once the commission is finished i am ok with doing small edits if i forgot some design elements, but if you have a problem with the composition itself you should have told me after the sketch or flat colors are sent out, I will not redo weeks worth of work because you failed to communicate properly.
no not trace/edit/copy my works in ANY way
do not mass produce my works for consumption unless an agreement is made with me BEFORE the commission is even paid for (if my art is to be sold to the mass i have a commercial price list i will send you)
you may reupload my art to whatever site you want as long as i am properly credited for it (please just a simple link/@ to my twitter is all i need tbh)
feel free to message me about any usage of a commissioned piece that i did not cover here!

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