kittentit: Commission Terms

Effective: Sat, 17 October 2020

the basics

  • acceptation policy is on a first come first serve basis
  • three slots per two weeks; 6 slots per month* (booking info below)
  • i retain the right to deny service as deems necessary (e.g. i have the right to decline any proposals for any reason)
  • commission time is three weeks*, starting the day after order placement


  • payment will be received before work begins
  • refunds (full or partial; depending) are available if the work has NOT already been completed. (ie. only finished sketch for fullbody detailed, or no work has been completed within a two week period)
  • two edits available after commission is completed. (each edit thereafter is +$5.)


the fine print

  • asterisks (*) define statements that are subject to change
  • i will only take commissions i am comfortable doing, i have my limits (ask away)
  • things i will not do: underage, age play, excretion
  • specify beforehand if you would like to keep your commission off of livestream/social media (i can do private art streams for $2 hourly)
  • if i have not heard from a commissioner within the two week period of ordering, the commission will be discontinued and only a partial refund will be available (part of payment will be kept for my time and labor.)

please be sure of what you want before ordering a commission from me, be specific in description and communicate with me often through the two week period.

available on discord, twitter, and poizen.

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