Kit: Commission Terms

Effective: Sun, 12 January 2020

I reserve the right to refuse any ref/character!


You may post art you commission from me as long as you link directly to my art page.


Paypal only!
I will invoice you through paypal, then you pay the invoice before I begin a commission.
Payment must be received within 24 hours of invoice! Or your slot/ych/etc will be forfeit.

You may request a refund within 60 days of your payment. However, if I have already finished your sketch, I do not give refunds.

Commission Process:

I do not typically show commissions in progress.

I do stream sometimes when I work on commissions though!
So feel free to sit in and watch me work on your commission.

If you would like to see a sketch let me know, at that point I can make minor changes (such as fixing character mistakes), but any major changes will have an additional fee.
If you are very particular about what you want, be as detailed as possible.

Once the image is complete I allow 3 minor edits, but any additional edits will require a fee.
Major edits include pose changes, additions to character, such as adding or subtracting arms/legs/wings/tails/genitals. Minor edits could include color changes, marking/tattoo additions, small clothing additions such as glasses/accessories, etc.

Complex characters may require an additional fee. Weapons of any kind cost an additional fee.


I will draw almost anything. From text description of a character to reference.

♥ porn
♥ all species, all genders
♥ animal peens
♥ tentacle, oviposition, bondage, ask!
♥ all body types

x watersports
x more may be added


Paypal payments only.
Please remember to credit my art.
If you have a question about a design or want me to edit something, please note me.
You may edit the design yourself, just credit original adopt image to me.
You may sell adopts for the amount you paid, or trade/gift them.
You may not resell adopts for more than you paid, unless additional art is added.

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