Help and Frequently Asked Questions

What is PoiZen?

PoiZen is an online freelance creative space. We’re creator focused, and have created to make the right features for your ideas and projects to get to the intended party.

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Why use PoiZen?

PoiZen was made by freelance creators, for freelance creators.

We designed the site to make life as easy as possible for an artist or supporter. And we’re working everyday to bring the community closer.

Find the right artist to take your project, or the audience and supporters you’ve been dreaming of!

PoiZen? That sounds dangerous…

Our name is a combination of our creative companion Poi and the ease and serenity of using the site; a feeling of zen!

What are PoiZen's features?


They’re all designed with you, the creative, in mind. Let’s focus on the main ones though.

  • Our project tracker is the main tool we’ve made to make it easy to know what any creative mind has in their queue.
  • The profile pages offer a tier system and gallery.
  • Our search function, while in its infancy, will grow to be the search box of your dreams, utilizing tags and usernames to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The message box in its first incarnation acts both as a notification system and message system.

What does the project tracker do?

Besides being a simple streamlined place for all of your projects it also automatically notifies the other party when something is done:

  • When a supporter proposes a commission.
  • When an artist accepts a project.
  • When the artist adds it to the in progress section of finishes it.

What’s a tier?

Tiers are found on profiles and designed by the freelance creator to be guidelines for the work they offer.

How old do you have to be to use PoiZen?

We allow adults, or anyone over the age of 13 with parental consent, to use the service (provided it is legal to do so where you are.)

Can I use PoiZen as a crowdfunding platform?

No; PoiZen is not a site to aggregate funds from your supporters. Our platform is designed for commissioning independent creative works.

I make a kind of art/creative work that isn’t digital images, is PoiZen for me?

Ex: Writing, Music, sculpting, woodworking, etc.

Yes! And we’re glad to have you! Our first couple years will experience lots of growing as we work to include music and writing and tangible things that have to be shipped (others such as video are on the list, but require more logistics and care to be done right). Use PoiZen when we launch and send us feedback on how to streamline getting your creation made!

Will PoiZen allow multiple file uploads at once?

Absolutely! We anticipate this will hinder a lot of people, so this feature will arrive early on in alpha.

Does PoiZen allow NSFW creative works?

There is a box in your settings page that you can toggle to opt in to view NSFW content.

So long as it's legal and properly tagged as "Adult-only" we have no objections to your content being posted!

I have a lot of art that I’ve previously commissioned.. Is that a problem in any way?

No, not at all. We will have a file size limit in alpha, so be aware of that. Other than that credit the artist you got it from, preferably using their PoiZen profile!

What do you mean by creative?

We mean artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors, the creative vision of supporters who may be less skilled, and any others!

I only want to browse art

Do I have to be a creator or commissioner to use PoiZen?

Not at all! The platform through alpha and beta may not lend itself to casual art browsing like social media platforms do, but anything that’s publicly shared on profiles is viewable!

Is there any way I can help PoiZen?

I have [this] skill can I help in any way?

Spreading the word is the biggest thing you can do to help PoiZen!

If you have experience coding, you can DM PznIvy, they have their hands full as the only dev.

I enjoy hosting contests is PoiZen suitable for that?

Unfortunately, not on the site with our current plans. Our focus is the interactions between freelance creators and their supporters. This is a feature we will add to the drawing board and think on.

I heard there’ll be a comment and rating system, how will you implement those fairly?

We’ll have systems in place that alert us when there’s potential abuse of the rating system. As for comments we’ll have systems in place and do our best to monitor them, but we may lean on you, our community, to help raise awareness of the comment system being abused.


Our main focus is that people are able to make art. Part of that involves people discovering art. We don’t intend to have these systems like you may be familiar with on other sites, but we will find the right way for PoiZen to have something that scratches that itch.

Will there be a push notification system?

Not until we have an app.

Will there be a way to link my creative livestream to announce when I go live?

Potentially. We love this idea and will look into how we can work with streaming services to implement this, but it won’t be for a while.

Video? Video games? Longer form audio content?

Creations that are generally over 25mb in size are on our mind. These will require more resources and will be a logistical challenge to host on site, so we’ll be tackling these later. You can still sell these as a freelance creator on PoiZen, but you would have to deliver them to your client off site.

How will PoiZen make money for itself?

We intend to have a 1.5% fee on top of Stripe’s 3.5% for payments done on site (though our system for the foreseeable future will not require you to process payments on PoiZen). If somehow we find we can’t sustain ourselves this way, we will be transparent with the community before we change anything!

There are also plans to have a merch store with plenty of Poi things to clutter your creative space with!

Will there be a form of a monthly membership/subscribe/premium?

We have plans for what we may call Premium PoiZen for $5 a month beginning either in open beta or full release.

We have a hand full of features that will benefit both sides of freelance creating! Here are *some* Premium features:

  • *More profiles*
  • *More character pages*
  • *Larger image upload size*
  • *Custom avatar border*
  • *Removal of PoiZen’s 1.5% on site payment fee*
  • There’s a few more we have in store, and will likely add to the list as time goes on!

How long will PoiZen’s closed alpha last?

As long as it has to.

No, in all seriousness we expect 3-6 months. Potentially shorter, potentially longer. It depends how fast we develop everything, how much we have to fix, and what we need to adjust given your feedback.

Is there anything special offered to closed alpha and beta testers?

Yes, we can’t say what yet, but everyone will know who helped the PoiZen Squad through alpha and beta!

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