ArcHeart: Commission Terms

Effective: Sun, 11 August 2019

  • I WILL NOT take on comic projects
  • I WILL NOT take on nsfw (suggestive) projects
  • I WILL take on gore commissions
  • I WILL take on fandom orders
  • I WILL take on oc orders

~ Payment Expectations ~
I expect you to pay upfront and immediately. I will not start the commission until I receive payment.

~ Refund Policies ~

You can only get a refund if I utterly mess up your commission, such as I white-washed your character, missed an important feature that I can't add to the picture anymore, etc.
You will NOT get a refund for minor things such as : Slightly off colors, misdrawn gender IF you did not tell me their gender/body type, or little details that would not cause issues. Although they are rare, they will still not be refunded if they occur.

~Communication Preferences~

  • Here would be best!!
  • (my art business email)
  • Discord : VladKing #1918
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