About Us

My home was made by a group of creatives who saw the struggles of freelance artists.

They wanted a place where it was easy for artists and those seeking art to come together. To approach the matter transparently & sensibly, without requiring advertising all across the Internet.

One place that would be intuitive and aid the creative freelance community.

Thus, PoiZen and I were born!

Creating stuff should be fun!

You have plenty to think about when you're creating new things. So you shouldn't be distracted trying to manually track every conversation and payment.

While you’re here you can expect a simple experience:

  • Have everything you need in one place so your workspace isn’t cluttered
  • Work together with creative minds & hands to make new amazing things
  • Show off your creations & share prices for things you want to make
  • Discover more of the art you want to see

Artists and patrons should work together!

These days more and more people are becoming freelancers, and our first and primary goal is to create a home base where creatives on both sides of the crowd can thrive!

The PoiZen Squad and I want this to be a professional culture, not only for long standing creatives, but those looking to find their way onto the scene.

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